General Track / Facility Rules

No Tolerance Policy! There will be no fighting, use of drugs or alcohol, use of foul language, arguing with track officials or fellow competitors and cheating. If anyone is caught conducting in any of the above mentioned, they will be disqualified and/or asked to leave the premises immediately. (Your entry fee and any awards will be forfeited).

The track may be closed during unsafe weather and for repairs, rebuilding or other reasons without prior notice.

Only 1/8th scale or smaller remote control vehicles are allowed on the track at any time. No bicycles, mini-bikes, or other unauthorized vehicles are allowed at any time.

Everyone is responsible for keeping his/her pit area clean, it should be left as clean or cleaner then when you arrived. There are trash cans throughout the pit area, please use them. Also, there is a Speed Limit in the parking lot. Full size vehicles are restricted to 5 MPH, Please remember there are a lot of children around, drive cautiously.

Please NO smoking on the driver’s stand. Please discard extinguished cigarette butts into the dedicated cans.

Vehicles must remain inside the fence at all times. Running vehicles outside of the track, in the pits, or parking lot Is not permitted.

Only drivers are permitted on the drivers stand during racing.

Foul language will not be tolerated, we are a family oriented facility and there are a lot of spectators/children that can hear every word spoken in the drivers stand.

Closed toe shoes must be worn on the track area. Barefoot, flip-flops, or open toe shoes are not permitted.

Do not climb or jump on the fence/barrier wall. Use only the designated entrances to the track area.

Theft will NOT be tolerated, and will result in criminal charges and expulsion from the track IMMEDIATELY!  Also, if you keep your pit area clean and keep your tools out of sight, snooping hands won’t steal what they can’t see. Basically, lock your stuff up, it’s safer like that. YOU are responsible for your belongings.

No unauthorized use of the Racetrack will be permitted, King Hobbies property/general area is regularly patrolled by the Porter County sheriff’s department, If the entrance gate is closed, do NOT enter,  If caught violating these rules you will be charged with trespassing.

Parents, while we encourage you to bring your entire family, we cannot stress safety enough, please make sure either you, or someone else is keeping an eye on your child/children, Children under the age of (10) are prohibited from marshaling, unless experienced and approved by their parent. Children can be asked to exit the track if management thinks it is unsafe. Some of these vehicles are capable of 60mph+ and we do not want to see anybody get hurt. Also, children should not be in the hobby shop if unattended.

King Hobbies or affiliates there of take NO responsibility for any damage/theft or liability to you or your RC Car (This is a race environment, parts break). Race at your own risk. If you see any unsafe act on the property, report it to a track official and it will be addressed. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and should be taken seriously. We encourage and practice safe acts. We expect our members to do the same. We want you to have the utmost enjoyment at our RC Facility.

The most important rule is to have FUN! Please have the right attitude…this is a hobby and supposed to be FUN!  This is club racing for everyone, rules and classes are voted on by YOU the racers. Please remember that these are TOYS and we're all out here to have some fun racing TOY cars.

No one under the age of 15 will be permitted to use the track unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

No person using the track facilities or attending an King Hobbies and Raceway event will have any claims for damages, expenses, lawsuits or otherwise against the owners, operators, or other track officials resulting from vehicle damage or personal injury. All persons present on the property of King Hobbies and Raceway waive any claims.